Friday, August 9, 2013

When I'm alone it is Allah who will comfort me

I am told it is a mark of love from allah to have a burden placed on you that you didn't create...  And we say oh Allah why me?  why have you chosen to give me such a struggle?  When I found out I had cancer I was broken hearted, my world shattered... as much as I loved my ignorance, Allah didn't allow me to keep it.  As much as I loved my ego Allah humiliated me and put me in check... I loved my physical strength and prowess, that too was taken... the pain was immense and at one point I lost my will to live and all I had left was a desire to die righteously...  to die whole and not piece by piece...  I was bitter and sad and I felt that allah had taken everything from me... there was no escape from my loneliness... when people would reach for me I didn't want their solace or comfort and it would make me physically sick when they did touch me... I spent my nights crying for hours stricken with grief...  I had finally accepted that everything in this world that brought me joy, would not be coming with me.  I truly had nothing and I felt that Allah had turned his back on me... I felt as if I was a child left alone in the dark, all of my fears made manifest...  I've never felt so alone in my life... even in solitary confinement I had never felt such loneliness...  At some point I felt dead inside and my desires had left me... this is when I felt the presence of Allah and I knew that my lord was the only real thing I had ever witnessed...  This is how i found the truth when I finally let go of the illusions.  this ramadan I felt that loneliness again and I took it as a reminder that it is only Allah who will always be there... and it is only Allah who has always been there... Alhamdulilah... La ilaha il Allah... Allahu akbar

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