Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The sky is falling

Too big to fail.  let's look at this expression for a moment.  This argument is partially true.  Too big to fail.  If the banking giants did collapse, with the state we're in, I'd be scared to see what arises in it's place.  I'm scared to see what the instant  removal of these institutions, our way of life has become so dependent on, would do to a nation that exists beneath a nation, what this instant economic instability would do to black communities.  Have you ever tried to quit heroin cold turkey after a long binge?  Most of us black folk living in the interior of the colony, the ghetto, have watched our family and loved ones struggle with addictions.   For me it was my brother and it was heroin.  I watched him go through pain, sickness, rage, depression, apathy and relapse in his journey to kick the habit that takes his money and puts him to sleep.  What are people going to do when they realize the Amerikkan dream was a hoax?  I look around and I see economic cannibalism.  How long before air is privatized?  Water and earth already are.  As people drop off the unemployment census and the number still rises, what does that mean for the never employed illiterate underclass?  The future is grim.  The sky is falling.  There's nothing to hide under or hide behind, revolution is the only option that doesn't lead to the slaughterhouse.  They just killed Troy Davis a man whom they knew was innocent while the pig that killed Oscar Grant has walked free time served.  The burning of Henry Smith is still burned into my conscience.  Our lives have less value to civil society than a stray dog.  And we are addicted to this society.  Nearly all of us uphold the system in some way.  We continue our day to day life always thinking of the bills of today and imaginary stability of tomorrow.  Turn the other cheek, sue the city, accept it because thats the way it is, this is the system you live in.  Freedom is a natural impulse.  While the majority of us have had that impulse beaten out of us if you sit in silence for a moment you can hear your soul screaming fight.  What do you have to lose?  What haven't we lost already on this fucking plantation.  My childhood friends are on the run, in the dirt or in the pen.  Please don't pretend this situation couldn't have been prevented.  I look in the eyes of babies, my family, my tribe, our children and I wonder if I will still be able to when they reach my age.  The sky is falling.  The sky is falling and I wish you could see that.  There's no place to hide.  I'm ready to die but you better believe I'm fighting to live.