Saturday, August 6, 2011

Going in for the kill

Jim Crow is back y'all and he's going in for the kill.  What i mean by he's back is that he never left, he got a makeover.  Now he's going in for the kill, the consolidation of our subjugation wholesale plantation style.  Austerity.  Austerity was named the word of the year in 2010 by Merriam-Webster.  i've always hated this word even upon first hearing it.  For a long time i heard comrades using this word and intentionally tuned it out because it simply had no ring to it.  A word i would not likely use.  I would simply find another word.  Austerity.  i would somewhat avoid these conversations because i hated this word.  i never knew exactly why i hated Austerity so much.  i got curious once or twice as to my aversion.  The thought of the word repulsed me.  It wasn't until i began writing this that i actually looked up the word on wikipedia: In economics, austerity is a policy of deficit-cutting, lower spending, and a reduction in the amount of benefits and public services provided.  Development projects, welfare, and other social spending are common programs that are targeted for cuts. Taxes, port and airport fees, and train and bus fares are common sources of increased user fees.  As a response to this so-called economic crash.  Prison construction is booming in rural white communities across the nation and especially here in the promised land of the great migration, California.  While black folks make up maybe 12% of the population we make up nearly 50% of the prison population.  Prisons and their populations grow exponentially everyday.  Public education in general is really a joke in this country but the schools in black and brown communities are shameful, and what i mean by shameful is shameless, sick. Young black boys are routinely tracked into "special ed" and remedial classes.  Schools are now a referral site for the juvenile prisons and courts, and by courts i mean auction blocks.  Chain gangs.  In these schools behavioral issues are criminalized making it once again legal to take black children from their parents and ship them off to another plantation too far to have a relationship with their families.  Does this sound familiar?  We're talking about reconstruction, You know Jim-fucking-Crow.  We are familiar with lynchings by now.  The klan.  The sheriff.  The public killing of black men.  The spectacle of violence that Foucault describes as being confined to the prisons and dungeons.  How many have we had here in the bay area alone in just the past couple years?  And i'm supposed to believe what?  That i'm free?  i'm supposed to believe that we have money to just give to banks who've already proven they can't handle it properly but we still don't have no damn jobs and now we have to pay more on the bus and the train and cut money from schools? Wow.  We are in a State of perpetual war.  anyway it's late and i'm ranting.  You should know that every shut eye ain't asleep and we are still slaves some of us are being tossed overboard because this slave ship is getting to heavy.  The sharks are circling.

Going In For The Kill

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